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Information about the Organizational Conduct Process


The organizational misconduct process follows a graduated scale of university intervention. Starting with an official university letter of warning, progressing through either an educational workshop or a Partnership Process Proposal and culminating with an administrative hearing facilitated by the Student Hearing Panel.  The resolution option is selected based upon the severity of the misconduct and appropriateness of the resolution pathway.

Warning Letter: Lowest level of university intervention. Typically for first-time, low level incidents with no complicating factors. No formal conduct charges are filed and the organization is expected to take steps to avoid further conduct issues.

Community Disruption Workshop: Reserved for instances of misconduct which strain the relationship between Tulane and the surrounding communities. This workshop is typically associated with instances of noise complaints and/or trash complaints received by the university. The 1 hour workshop explores the concept of community and requires participants to critically reflect on their participation in both the Tulane community and the Greater New Orleans community. 

Partnership Process Proposal: As an alternative to a formal conduct process, the Partnership Process Proposal affords organizations the opportunity to acknowledge wrongdoing and propose a constructive learning outcome. In partnership with OSC and other relevant campus partner offices, organization executive members propose steps to address any violations and resolve the case in a productive manner. 

Student Hearing Panel: Reserved for severe incidents of alleged misconduct and/or incidents of repeated misconduct that has already been addressed via a lower intervention level.