Office of Student Conduct

Non sibi, sed suis - “Not for one's self, but for one's own."

Welcome to Tulane University Student Conduct!

We share a common goal - working to make the most of your educational experience. Our long history of delivering a world class liberal arts education to a diverse and multicultural student body in the heart of America's most vibrant cultural city has taught us that the best way to assist students in their learning process is with a managed educational experience. Your learning experience at Tulane will be more than attending classes taught by dedicated instructors; your learning experience will be immersive and holistic, with learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom.

We will be here to facilitate your learning process in a variety of ways, including asserting the University's expectations of your time in this educational community. Tulane's expectations are encapsulated in the Student Code of Conduct. We will expect you to take primary responsibility for your well-being and educational growth. And though we will be engaged actively in your learning experience, we will not make choices for you or assume your responsibilities, as this is how you learn. 

The Tulane University educational experience is a voluntary educational community. As willing participants in our community, we rely on your best efforts. We expect you to accept the core values of our community. All of our values, policies, and rules are connected to, and support, our academic mission. 



Email: conduct@tulane.edu

Fax: (504) 865-6769