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Student Conduct Involvement Opportunities 

The Office of Student Conduct provides two avenues for student involvement. Both opportunities are open to all enrolled students including graduate and professional students. 

Student Hearing Panel: The Student Hearing Panel investigates and adjudicates cases of organizational misconduct. The hearing panelists attend a training facilitated by OSC Staff in advance of being added to the hearing panelist pool. To be eligible to join the hearing panel, a student must be enrolled at Tulane, in good disciplinary standing, and a member of a registered student organization. RSOs include clubs, Greek Letter organizations, club sports, RHA, etc. 

Conduct Appeal Board: The conduct appeal board reviews appeals submitted by students. The board evaluates the appeals for merit and decides if an appeal should be granted. This opportunity is open to all Tulane University Faculty, Staff and Students. To be eligible to join the appeal board, a student must be enrolled at Tulane and in good disciplinary standing with the university.