Advisor Information for Students


What is the role of the advisor? 

The advisor, upon request of the student may: 

  • Advise the student on the investigative model, the conduct process, and the student's rights; 

  • Assist the student in the preparation of statements and questions to be presented at the hearing; 

  • Accompany the student to all conduct proceedings and meetings; 

  • Advise the student in the preparation of any appeals. 

What is not the role of the advisor? 

  • An advisor does not do the work for the student. It is up to the student to initiate contact with the advisor and follow through with tasks; 

  • An advisor does not help the student try to avoid accountability; and 

  • An advisor does not act as spokesperson or defense counsel for the student. 


The individuals below have been trained in the conduct system and work with students who are involved in incidents that possibly violate university policy.